These are the rules of ProjectPK! If you break them, the listed punishment WILL be put in effect.

For Players Edit

Do NOT exploit or take advantage of ANY bug or dupe AND report it ASAP! Failure to do this will result in an IP ban, no appeals!

Do NOT ask for staff or obviously attempt to get it. This will result in a temporary mute unless it persists; if it does you will get a temporary ban/IP ban if severe!

Lended items will NOT be refunded!

Do NOT disrespect staff or other players! Punishment depends on severity.

Do NOT farm PKP or use any sort of macro/bot OR auto-clicking! This will result in an IP ban, no appeals!

Do NOT transfer items from your own accounts unless allowed by a staff member! You will get these items confiscated and lost forever!

Do NOT beg for free items/money! You will be muted, and, if persistent, banned!

Do NOT host giveaways without explicit permission from a mod or above! The items will be confiscated and you will be banned!

Do NOT donate to anyone but God, even if they are staff!

Lastly, do NOT real world trade! Any participants will be IP AND Mac banned!

For Staff Edit

Do NOT give out free items unless allowed by God. Demotion and possible ban.

Do NOT ban people for things that are not worthy of being banned for. Same for muting. Demotion.

Do NOT abuse your powers! This will result in instant demotion/ban!

Do NOT teleport to someone without their permission unless they are breaking the rules or suspected of it! Warning.

Be a role model for the server and help people!

Do NOT scam people! Instant demotion and possible ban!

Lastly, as with players, do NOT host major giveaways unless given permission from an admin+!

Finally, the most important! Edit

Have fun! If broken, your life will be ruined!

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