NOTE: This is for the minigame ::rares, NOT for rare items

::rares is a location in ProjectPK that contains enemies that drop tokens, which can be exchanged for loot.

Rares Store Edit

The Mysterious Old Man has the loots for the store. It contains:

Loot Cost Value Description
Partyhats 400-500 Varies A wearable partyhat.
Dragon boots 100 TBD Great melee boots.
Fighter torso 80 TBD Melee torso.
Abyssal whip 75 TBD Powerful melee weapon.
Fighter hat 50 TBD Melee hat.
Iron Defender 20 Low Weak off-hand melee


Rune Defender 70 Low Decent off-hand melee


Gloves (T1-10) 20-150 Varies Gloves ranging from leather

to barrows.

Primal 2H Sword 2500 High A very strong 2H sword.

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