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ProjectPK is a new RSPS that is dedicated to making one of the best RSPS's to date! This wiki will help you with information and guides that will benefit you and make you one of the best players on our server!

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Server DescriptionEdit

Hey guys!

Id like to welcome you to the one and only Project-Pk. First off i would like to introduce you to the owner of this RSPS and his name is Reiss, Ingame name is God. He is a very dedicated and active Owner and loyal to all of his staff and players! We are a brand new server with hours and hours of different Activity's, Mini-games, PVM, PVP, Bossing and much much more ! Come and joins us for lots of excitement and tons of fun!!

Features: Server is VPS Hosted! Garunteed 99.9% Uptime! All New Boss Log with Boss Killcounts Automatic Donation System Treasure Hunt Minigame (Achievement Gear Rewards) Zulrah Minigame with new OSRS Zulrah Items Including Blowpipe! Dung Minigame with all new gear including Primal, Handcannon, Chaotics! All new great Voting Rewards! Funpk fully working + a funpk store! New Target Points with BH Rewards + New Target Wildy system New Bosses being added all the time! Completionist Cape + Hood Fully revamped Slayer with epic rewards including Imbune Rings Working Flower Games with Mithril Seeds! Fully working Chaotic Weps! Added New Player Titles! Working Torva + Virtrus All new Custom Items! 99 Announcement System! Instant Pking! Great Exp Rates!

Balanced economy. Flawless Pking With Perfect Switching. All New Pk Locations! Custom Minigames! New Training Area for all levels! Working special attacks for all weapons God Wars! Bandos Boss + Armadyl Clue Scrolls with Casket Drops Every godsword with working special Working d claws with special! Working player and NPC defence bonuses Barrows Minigame Working Obby Neck + Dh Effect! Working Void armor Custom Pickpocketing Thieving For Cash! Full dagganoth kings Mithril Dragon Boss With Awesome Drops! KBD and all other dragons with working fire breathe Working anti-dragon shields Working prayer Working chaos elemental with drops! Working rune crossbows + D bolts (e) Reset your stats + Exp Lock! Dark bow! Working Ring of wealth! Fire capes always protect on death, even if you are skulled without protect item Protect item works All 1 vs 1 areas 100% working Lunar spellbook Activity Points Donator Zone + Shop + ::Dice and Special Donator Commands + Gear! Including Cape! Working Corp Beast! Working Multi Barrage!

We will see you ingame!!

Latest activityEdit

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  • new page Rules of ProjectPK
    created by FluffyClue
    New page: These are the rules of ProjectPK! If you break them, the listed punishment WILL be put in effect. For Players Edit Do NOT exploit or take advantage...
    Summary: Made page.
  • new page Staff List
    created by FluffyClue
    New page: This is a list of all the current staff as of 3/5/2016 Contents[show] List of Staff Edit Owners Edit God/Reiss Administrators Edit Timetjee ...
    Summary: Made page.
  • new page Elysian Spirit Shield
    created by FluffyClue
    New page: The Elysian Spirit Shield is the best off-hand item for rangers to use. It is created by using an Elysian Sigil on a blessed spirit shield. How to...
    Summary: Made page.
  • edit God's Minigame
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    Summary: Added hyperlink to ring of wealth.
  • new page Ring of Wealth
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    New page: The ring of wealth is a ring that significantly increases the chance of rare loots from bosses. Hence, it is VERY valuable and desirable. It is...
    Summary: Made page.
  • new page Category:Bosses
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    New page: Here is a list of the bosses ProjectPK offers (links to the wiki page if it exists): Corporeal Beast Goblin Ice Queen Armadyl Bandos Saradomin...
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    Added category: Bosses
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  • new page Rares
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    New page: NOTE: This is for the minigame ::rares, NOT for rare items  ::rares is a location in ProjectPK that contains enemies that drop tokens, which can...
    Summary: Made page.

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