This page is a list of the best money making guides as of 3/6/2016

If you see an error, please tell us in-game! Thanks!

Combat-Based Edit

Bossing Edit

Corporeal Beast is very effective currently. You can easily safespot it and it drops amazing loots. Click Here to learn more.

Armadyl is also safe-spottable as well and also has excellent loots.

Goblin is also very efficient, as you only need 10M to teleport and you get minimum 25M (MAX 250M) each time.

Use protect melee and your best dps weapon for Goblin.

Non-Bossing Edit

God's Minigame is a very nice way to earn cash as well, but is a massive grind. Go for the ROW.

Rares is great also if you feel like grinding. Go for the primal 2h

Dungeoneering minigame is decent money and has nice dungeoneering-based rewards. Quite a grind.

Non-Combat Edit

The skilling zone (A in spelltab) has multiple skills to train and is good for making $ and xp at the same time.

Runecrafting is somewhat profitable as well, but is only good if you are willing to grind heavily.

Miscellaneous Edit

People/staff often do giveaways, but DON'T rely on them! Seriously, don't mooch off of other people!

You can also gamble with trusted dicers, but IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don't use it as your primary way to make money, either!

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