God's Minigame is one of the many minigames offered in ProjectPK. After completing God's Quest, you can access this minigame.

Guide Edit

Accessed at ::minigames via the Purple Portal after completion of God's Quest.

You kill tree spirits, first starting at the level 14 and going up as you get more kills. The higher level ones give more points per kill. Once you get 100 of these points, click the crate to get 10 God points AND a random reward!

TIP: Stay at the ones that give 5 points/kill. Best points per hour.

Loots (after completion) Edit

Drop Rarity Price Description
10 God points Always N/A Spend at the god point NPC
All Clue scroll rewards Varies Varies What you get from caskets

you can get here.

Ava's Accumulator Uncommon TBD Quiver - Auto picks up ammo.
Ring of Wealth Rare ~10B Increases drop rate when worn.
Gnarly Waraxe Uncommon TBD An axe.
Dragon Defender Uncommon TBD Offhand melee weapon.
Dragonfire Shield Uncommon TBD Powerful shield that protects

against dragon fire.

Slayer Helmet Uncommon TBD For slayer.
Colored SOLs Uncommon TBD Same as staff of light, but

with added color!

Lava Whip Rare TBD A powerful whip.
Donator Half Keys Rare TBD Combine both halves to get

a donator key, which can give

very rare loots. Used at the chest

at home.

God points Edit

The god point shop contains these items:

Spend at the "Priest" at ::minigames

Item Cost Value Description
Ring of wealth 575 ~10B Increases drop rate.
Colored Lightsabres 180-300 TBD Lightsabre.
Light infinity hat 50 TBD Mage gear.
Light infinity top 70 TBD Mage gear.
Light infinity bottoms 60 TBD Mage gear.
Dark infinity hat 50 TBD Mage gear.
Dark infinity top 70 TBD Mage gear.
Dark infinity bottoms 60 TBD Mage gear.

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